Welcome to Ziv Hii Afghans
I'm Carla Helm and this page will introduce you to the Afghans in my life, past, present, and future up coming stars It will also link you to my Afghan Artwork page, and my favorite sites about Afghan Hounds, and Dogs.

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Past Afghans

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Present Afghans

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Past Litters

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Current Litter

Carosel Afghan

Afghan Art Bazaar

Some Other Neat Afghan Sites
Afghan Hound Club of America Guardians of the Breed

Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue Adopt an Afghan

Afghan Hound Times Afghan Information out the Wahzoo!

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Afghan Hound Rescue Fund Raiser

Interested in Coursing?
Here are some sites to get you started and find the next event.
American Sighthound Field Association (A.S.F.A.)

Mid-Atlantic Hound Association (M.A.H.A.)

AKC Event Calendar

Other Dog Related Sites
American Kennel Club

Infodog Moss-Bow Dog Show Superintendent

Onofrio Onofrio Dog Show Superintendent

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